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Description of our Products

Horizontal Blinds

Faux wood blinds:

The perfect alternative for the discerning person who wants the look and feel or real wood, Faux Wood Blinds have the beauty and consistency of authentic wood. There are many colours, finishes and slat sizes to choose from. Designed to be used in any type of room, they are impervious to heat, humidity and moisture. Think it’s wood? It’s Faux – noticeable by touch only!

Real Wood blinds

Real wood blinds are made of fine hardwood and add richness and warmth to a room. There are many choices of paint or stains to provide the perfect finish for our 2″ or 2 1/2″ slats, all in the latest palette of colours. The strength, sleekness and versatility of the Real wood horizontal blinds make them the perfect addition for both traditional and contemporary décor.

1" & 2" Aluminum Blinds:

Custom made 1" Aluminum horizontal blinds are lead free, and with numerous styles to choose from, they will enhance any interior environment. You certainly won’t go wrong, as we have something to suit everyone’s taste and budget!

The crisp, clean lines of 2” Aluminum Blinds bring both elegance and classic strength to any room. The 2” Aluminum Blinds lead-free slats are bold and dramatic, giving your windows great personality. They are available in many designer colours, and can be coupled with optional cotton tapes. It’s yesterday’s elegance designed for today.

Woven Woods

Weave the beauty of nature into your home with custom made Woven Wood Blinds. Woven Wood Blinds combine the traditional, classic look of a woven wood shade with styles and patterns designed to impress today’s fashion conscious buyers. The exciting natural woods and yarns are woven together to achieve a natural handcrafted shade. Choose from open weaves that gently filter the light or tight weaves for maximum privacy. Bring a little bit of the outdoors into your home!

Shades & Shadings

Cellular Shades

Custom made Cellular Shades are the most luxurious window coverings in today’s market. Our superior selection of fabrics provide lasting beauty, elegance and sophistication all in one. They transform light to fill a room with a warm, luminous glow. There are over 150 fabrics to choose from, all in the latest, most fashionable colours and textures.

The Cellular Vertical Application uniquely combines the soft glow of sheer fabric with the convenient movement of vertical blinds. It’s a stylish and flexible way to illuminate your space. They fit vertically in rectangular windows and door openings, and with the 3/4″ single cell size, you can create a totally coordinated look with other cellular shades in your home.

Pleated Shades

We offer a superb selection of custom made pleated shades from the Lasting Impressions Collection. Pleated shades add style and sophistication to any room and with our great selection of fabrics to choose from, you will certainly add an air of elegance to your décor. Pleated shades offer an excellent form of window covering, providing light, privacy and sun control. For those energy conscious people, the optional metalized backing stops harmful UV rays from entering your room.

Roller Shades & Dual Roller Shades

We offer the highest quality custom-made roller shades in the marketplace today. Choosing a Roller Shade means you have selected a timeless window fashion. Classic roller shades offer an affordable style with an extensive selection of both classic and contemporary textures and colours.

Roman Shades

Cascading from an elegant valance, Roman Shades offer complete control over every element of light and design.

Horizontal Shadings

The most sophisticated shade – Custom made Horizontal Shadings. Combining the soft sheerness of a shade and the functional control of a horizontal blind, this shade has a centre vane which can be adjusted to guarantee the perfect amount of light or privacy. Horizontal Shadings are suitable for any type of room and living space. Whether it is modern, contemporary or country, these shadings will add simplistic beauty and sophistication to your home.


Grandeur® Woodalloy Shutters

Grandeur® Woodalloy shutters by Shade-O-Matic offer a leading edge design, giving windows an air of classic elegance. Our advanced engineering technology provides the consistency and warmth of real wood, while helping the shutters maintain their superior strength and their durability, providing you with decades of outstanding performance. With an array of louver sizes, panel configurations and frame styles, in soft tones and wood tones, Grandeur® Woodalloy shutters will compliment and enhance any décor.

Polysatin Shutters

The sleek, classic elegance of Shade-O-Matic’s Polysatin™ shutters can turn a window into a stunning focal point in any room. With a variety of leading design options, colours, louver sizes, and frame styles to choose from, the versatility of Polysatin™ shutters ensure they will suit any décor. Made from the highest quality outdoor grade polysatin™ compounds in the marketplace today, our Polysatin™ shutters are water resistant and will not warp from moisture, crack from heat or discolour from sunlight. They offer the perfect combination of durability, functionality and practicality.

Verticals & Panel Tracks

Vertical Blinds

Custom vertical blinds continue to stay ahead of the rest by offering a fashionable selection of patterns, textures and colours, in fabrics and PVC vanes. Our quality headrail systems are extremely durable and are built with state-of-the-art componentry, offering total control for both light and privacy. The clean, sleek, tailored lines of vertical blinds add style and sophistication to any mood that you are creating.

Panel Tracks

Our Panel Track systems add an enchanting aura to any décor. With vertical sliding panels, they are ideal for doors and large scale windows, and make a sophisticated, dramatic fashion statement.

Drapes, Roman Shades, Valance Boards

Side Panels, Full Closing Drapes or Sheers

Looking for some Custom made Side Panels or Full Closing Drapes or Sheers?
We have a nice selection of different fabrics and a lot of ideas to transfer your home into a warm and cozy place.

Roman Shades

Our great selection of different fabrics gives you the choice of custom made Roman Shades. Automation for Roman Shades (Battery operated or 110V) are available.

Valance Boards or Soft Valances

Like to cover up the blinds in the windows or dress up your room with something speacial. We have different options, to change your home.

Drapery Tracks & Rods

Drapery Tracks & Rods

Different track systems or decoratice rods makes it easy for you, to make the right choice of your needs.
Automation (24V) for our track systems are availabe.